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High Security Locks & Mul-T-Lock Services in Orange, CA

High Security Key Control Hardware

• Saves Money in the long run - Best lock on the market today!
• True "Do Not Duplicate" Keys. Impossible for house guest or employees to copy.
• High Security Locks: Virtually impossible to "bump key" and "pick" open.
• Extremely drill resistant.
• "Retrofit cylinders" - fits most existing locks.
• Lifetime cylinder warranty.
• It's the lock I trust on my business and home.

Did you know you can buy lock picks & bump keys on the internet?

Changing Pool and Gate Keys - We Recommend Mul-T-Lock

If you're tired of hearing tenants complaining about the high cost of a key deposit or you’re tired of having the keys breaking off in the locks then our high security locks & Mul-T-Lock services in Orange, CA, is the solution. Locate our shop or contact our technicians to learn more!

Why MULTLOCK - Cylinders and Keys?


Unlike other "High Security" keys, when the patent expires you do not need to change your cylinders and keys!

Makes Money & With Fewer Tenant Complaints

$100-150 Key Deposit? YES! With such a high-tech looking key you will not hear any complaints

Fast Service on Key Copies

We stock and cut our Restricted Mul-T-Lock keys in house, thus there is no waiting on a third party warehouse to cut and ship your requested duplicates.

Stronger Key Blank

You will not have keys breaking off in locks like you do with "the other, most popular brands."

True Key Control

Keys just stamped "Do Not Duplicate" are worthless. (No key control) Mul-T-Lock requires a "Key Card" or "Signature Card" to make copies. So it is impossible for tenants to make duplicates (Total Key Control).

It's a Better Product

Cylinders have a lifetime warranty! Cylinders are virtually pick/bump-proof and extremely drill resistant.